Blog therapy because the piranhas are eating my brains

Warning: This is a personal rant designed to improve my sanity and may not be interesting/witty/thought provoking in the least. Read on at your peril and know you were warned!

In case you want to know what today feels like.

1. I know we all say we have respect for administrative assistants and secretaries. But I really freaking do. I’ve spent the last THREE DAYS working on a mass mailing. I used to do this for a living and I seriously forgot how onerous, time consuming and RAGE-inducing it can be. Dear Word, today, I hate you. Dear folks who do this on a daily basis and are actually good at it: I admire you.

2. Strategery is exhausting! I’ve mentioned it a couple few times, but for the last year (OMG it’s been that long!), I’ve been working on a study regarding physician attitudes and new technology. It’s my first quantitative study and after spending a school lifetime immersed in interpretive qualitative thinking, it is quite an exercise to change my logic… to think like a scientist. Kinda. It’s probably really good for me but, like taking vitamins and eating oatmeal, it’s less fun at the moment. More confusing than the logic are the logistics though. I’m merging multiple lists and spreadsheets, checking and double checking to make sure I don’t screw anything up! Ahhhhh!

3. Provided I don’t screw anything up and provided the printer keeps on printing (I love you Brother HL-2140), I will be spending the next two, three, four hours folding 871 letters. Oi!

4. After yelling at my computer for the Nth time today, I decided to get all zen and put my computer problems out to the universe. Not enough memory to display the images? Deep breaths. No print options? Deep breaths. No way to make a PDF? Deep breaths.

5. And then, after whining on Facebook and penning this ranty blog, I saw this article from NPR about a New York City man who reached out to a young teenager who desperately needed help. (The teenager was also the person mugging him in the subway!) We need more people like this in the world… those who see human need and reach out instead of turning away. (Granted, I don’t necessarily advocate the confronting a knife-wielding mugger, but the helping principle is good!)

6. While the piranhas may be nibbling at my brains today, at least I’m lucky enough to have such minor problems.

7. Since I hate ending lists on number six (consider it a weird artifact of church raising), here is a super cute video that my friend Kristi at Puppies & Pancakes shared today… “The Could-Have-Been Love Story.” Moral of that story if you can’t be bothered to click: Tell your dear ones how you feel! Share the love!

Okay enough babbling. On to folding and stuffing. (With a decidedly better attitude!)


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