Monterey magic: Are we there yet?!

It has not escaped my notice that most of my future “vacations” may be inextricably linked to conference locations in perpetuity. Case in point: My trip to Monterey for the Western States Communication Association convention next weekend is pulling double duty as a belated but romantic Valentine’s getaway for Monsieur T et moi. As I tick away my conference presentation preparations, I can’t help but wonder: Are we there yet?!

It’s been many moons since we graced the streets of my favorite city, nigh on five or six years now. In fact, it was pre-digital camera days for me as the photos you see below were taken during an excursion with my sis in 2006. Thankfully, me thinks the ocean has not changed too much but only time (six days in fact!) will tell.

Until then, some salty sea images for you:

Off of Ocean View Boulevard in Monterey, where we do the tidepooling.


Big Sur.


Fisherman’s Wharf


Sad face of a mermaid in the now-defunct carousel land. So many of my favorite childhood memories involve riding “The Carousel” and eating giant banana splits.


I do, in fact, worry about falling on my arse when tidepooling, or drowning when the tide comes in. Yes, these are things I think about.


Hermit crab beach is what we always called it I think. Marm will have to confirm.


More lovely Big Sur.


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