Thursday 13: Moonwalking

A cool breeze on my face. Books in a bicycle basket. Peals of laughter. Although Tempe, Arizona is just about nothing like Mackinac Island, Michigan, something about yesterday afternoon transported me back to the moon. Our honeymoon that is, and me-n-T’s deliriously happy days of travel. To get the full picture of our 18-day, 40-flight hour odyssey across 2/3 of the U.S., visit our once-wedding web site where T has laid out all details, photos, and blog posts. Until then, enjoy 13-ish (okay 50ish) particularly lovely pictures that have haunted my dreams lately. And to those who play, happy Thursday 13!

1. Sedona, AZ

Honeymoon day 1 was six hours of flying and “Oh my god, we’re so tired, we must eat and sleep NOW.”
Consequently, I’m dying to go back and actually see the surrounding sites.

2. Santa Fe, NM

Sadly, Santa Fe got the shaft, too, as we were delayed weather-wise and only had an evening to play.
Despite the short stay, we enjoyed a beautiful historic B&B and our first Oaxacan-style dinner.

3. Eureka Springs, AR

It surprised me to find quirky art and funky styling throughout this Victorian village in Arkansas.
Up until Mackinac, I would have rated Eureka Springs my favorite moonstop!

4. Hannibal, MO

While the dense humidity and brutal heat did not endear me to Hannibal, I enjoyed the history.
And I understand why people call it “Misery” now. 😉

5. Chilicothe, MO

Chillicothe isn’t a place you’ll ever visit on purpose, I’m certain. But we enjoyed wonderful hospitality from friends-of-friends.
And we saw lightning bugs!
And seriously funky crop patterns. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me how this works. Farmer friends, anyone?

 6. Oshkosh, WI

Landing at the KOSH for EAA Airventure 2010.
Seven day of planes, planes, planes.
And eating. Like at Wendt’s on the River… pile-o-perch anyone?

7. More Oshkosh!

The squinty-eyed smile =  One happy man.
When in Rome, a Johnsonville Brat.
My favorite photo from Oshkosh.

8. Traverse City, MI

Flying across Lake MI was an eerie experience not being able to see land.
This looks tropical, not like MI!
Another fun/funky town.


The inspiration for today’s post.


Cute little downtown.


Gorgeous vegetation.

 10. More Mackinac!

No cars on Mackinac or any motorized transportation save for golf carts (only to be used on the golf course) and snow mobiles in the winter. Our “cabbie” said that the fine for errant golf carts was upwards of $5000!


Spending the morning on a leisurely bike ride. Felt like we were riding by the ocean thanks to the gulls everywhere.

Would be remiss if I didn’t at least show you a bit of the Grand.

11. Keokuk, IA

As a reward for surviving hours and hours of weather delays, we got this breathtaking sunset.


And really weird sites like this. I love to see the crap that people keep on their property. Inevitably in every spot we land, there is some nearby house with a zillion dead cars or piles of trash. Bizarre.


The Grand Anne.

12. Colorado Springs, CO

Truth be told, I love shadow pictures like this! Can you guess how many I have now?


The flat part of Colorado.


Our homiest B&B.

13. Moab, UT



T buzzing mesas again.


The Arches National Park. Best viewed by air I think.


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