Hopscotch Honeymoon Part IX: Oshkosh b’gosh! part 5

Last but not least, our final day (and change) in Oshkosh!

This man has not eaten his donuts yet. 🙂
DC-7 getting prepared for flight.
Citabria Decathlon.
The Breezy is not for meezy!
Seemed like forever that the DC-7 was prepping and running up.
Later in the day we saw the owners of the DC-7 cleaning up oil. Ick.
Ford Tri-Motor taking off!
DC-7 taking off for a photoshoot or something.
World War I gun.
German World War I fighter.
World War I era.
While T rested, I walked about taking pictures of DC-3s and things.
DC-3 with a B-17 overhead. Another one of my favorite photos from Oshkosh.
Cessna 170.
Sea plane base!
Sue and Michele.
Sea planes!
Cub on floats.
Sea plane coming in for a landing.
Sea plane base.
A blinky T & me.
Sue and the sea planes.
Gorgeous foliage.
Farewell blimp.
Getting sprung from Oshkosh! T doesn’t seem so sure.
T’s thinking of our pending flight to Traverse City.
Line of planes leaving Oshkosh.
In line.
KOSH runway.
Leaving Oshkosh.
Hugemongous I tell you.
I was delighted to pass this guy.


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