Daily Musing: Organizing my snacks

My travel gauntlet begins. Red-eye to New York tonight. LA, Honolulu, Chicago,
Oklahoma and Seattle after that. At least I will be well “nourished” with Chex mix,
beef jerky, Red Vines and trail mix. The Reeces Pieces didn’t make it, sadly.

During my nightly phone call with Mr. T, he stops telling me about his day to ask with peevish intonation, “What are you doing?”

Apparently I’d been making a lot of strange noises.

“I’m organizing my snacks.”


Laughter ensues as I explain with gravity my preparations for tomorrow’s flight and how I’ve purchased a bunch of snacky things for my upcoming travel. Italians gotta eat, okay? Putting the munchies into individual portions *might* keep me from eating all of them before my trips end. We’ll see.

It’s a strange thing to prepare for travel. Although I fly all the freaking time, it’s the same 90 minute flight, from the same two airports, two hours door to door, (typically) no snacks required. To think about six hours on a plane, in the middle of the night is something of a mind boggler.

I’ve got my snacks, wet wipes, a ridiculous bright pink neck pillow, ear plugs and an eye shade. Anything else I need to survive the red-eye experience?


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