Daily Musing: Red-eyes and gypsy cabs

So as not to lose a whole day traveling east, I took the red-eye to New York last night. After a “minor” mechanical problem, we took off 90 minutes late, arriving in the Big Apple around 6:30 a.m. “Tired” is an understatement. Despite the sleep deprivation, I learned a few valuable lessons.

On red-eyes (redeyes? red eyes?) and gypsy cabs:

  • Organize your snacks. Duh.
  • Bring a neck pillow, eye shade and ear plugs. I was amazed at how well the eye shade and plugs reduced my irritation/travel fatigue. Bonus points if you buy an eye shade that isn’t two sizes too small for your big giant head. (You should have seen the sexy sexy criss-cross pattern on my face this morning!)
  • Take the Yellow Cab. Even though you’re exhaustified, stand five more minutes in the line for a real freaking cab. Yours truly paid too much this morning.
  • If taking a gypsy cab, get a quote before you get in. Smarter still is getting an idea of how much the Yellow Cab costs so you know when you’re getting swindled. (See above to learn how I did it.)
  • If possible, arrange for an early hotel check-in to score a nap. Alternatively, have a super cool sister in a nearby borough who will let you crash for a few hours. Despite my tiredness, we still had a marvelous day!! (More on that tomorrow.)


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