Daily Musing: So you call yourself a writer?

When you define yourself as a writer, you’re supposed to write. (I know, such a revelation!) But so often I find myself too busy, too tired, too out of words from the demands of grad school. I scribble in my journal but once a week and the Blue Muse gets reduced to lists and recipes. Good ones, but still.

And then Bud comes along. Goodall, that is. A prolific writer, academic and blogger, Bud’s also my professor this semester, reminding me of the wonderful world of narrative theory. Yesterday in class he was talking about his political blog, The Daily Narrative. While advocating ways to present communication concepts to the world (versus tucking them away in the lofty Ivory Tower), he described developing his blog and writing new stories daily. “Because I write every day,” he said, offhandedly. Of course. Writers write.

So I’m thinking of telling tales. Practicing prose. Wearing out my wonderful alliterations. In a daily fashion. Or mostly daily fashion. Tidbits and randomness and perhaps some comm theory here and there. I thought about dubbing the posts “The Daily BM” and then I thought, perhaps let my gentle readers come to the comparison on their own.

Daily Musing. Do let me know what you think.


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