My favorite Shopping Cart Activist

Like many people of the male persuasion, Mr. T does not readily reveal his innermost thoughts and feelers. He tends to be temperate in terms of expressing excitement, anger, surprise, etc. He gets all bashful when met with high praise and he certainly does not bitch or complain vociferously like I do. So when he does get animated, I pay attention. Although certain topics I expect to elicit excitement–flying taildraggers, accomplishments at work, me finally moving home in +/- 68 days–his passion about shopping carts never fails to surprise/delight me.

Yes, I said shopping carts.

I was too slow to catch him in the act, but you will notice three shopping carts behind him to the left. He hustled those in from the parking lot with the air of the righteously indignant.

While one could describe Mr. T’s identities in terms of awesome pilotness, computer geniusness, best husband in the worldness, he also maintains a serious persona as a Shopping Cart Activist. One of his top pet peeves is when people leave their shopping carts in the middle of parking lots instead of walking the few feet to put them in the corrals. He gets especially incensed at folks who rudely shove them near other cars like so:

The audacity! (From Google Images.)


The annoyance! (From Google Images)

He typically takes the time to remove a couple carts from whatever parking lot we pull into, especially those left close to cars or hiked into planter boxes. The other day at Safeway, he engaged in Shopping Cart Shaming. We pulled into a spot just as someone left their cart in between cars. Upon claiming the cart, T pushed the trolley past the offending automobile owner giving him the stink-eye. I giggle as I type remembering T’s triumph as the man drove away, abashed. One small step for humankind? Perhaps. One big step for the safety of the Safeway parking lot, sure. One more thing I love about T, definitely.


P/S If you are a shopping cart dumper, please do not ever mention it in front of T or you may face a rant. And lest you think he offers dispensation for rainy days or carting kidlets around, you got another think coming. He’s brutal that man.

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