Thursday 13: Springbreak snapshop

Spring break is sadly over which means I have six weeks left to wrap up the school madness. Ahhhhhhh! Instead of being productive, I’ve been re-living the memories of vacation this morning. Here are a few (Thursday 13) for you:

1. Dinner with friends:

Delicious dinner with (delicious?) friends. The Russell, Emerson and Redden crazies at Ella in Sacramento.
Our waiter was Shad B. Smart. I can’t make this stuff up.
The red coats are comin’!
Things you can eat at Ella. I recommend the fried olives and mushroom soup!

2. Movies watched: Not a one! I need some good suggestions for summer s’il vous plait.

3. Hours of TV watched: 7,000 give or take. Caught up on American Idol (Hollywood week to the present), Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee and V. Apparently that’s what happens when you save your TV watching for one week out of the semester! Oh and we watched the last season of Weeds from Netflix. (Yes, my brains are rotting away now.)

4. A disappointment: Our trip to Tillamook was cancelled due to big work issues for T. Boo! I hope they save some cheese and ice cream for me.

5. Recipes recreated: 6. French onion soup, Nut Tree Almond Chicken, fish tacos, shepherd’s pie, herb-onion knot rolls, charred chicken and cauliflower. Yum!

Pre-char. Stay tuned for a delicious, easy and HEALTHY recipe featuring chicken breasts, cauliflower and bell peppers.
A dog who has no chicken. Goliath was “prairie dogging” throughout dinner to see if, perhaps, some chicken could be spared for the family member with four legs. (Answer: Uh, no.)

6. Cookies baked: Approximately 180. Chocolate chip, of course. I only ate half and sent the rest to work with T.

7. Weeds wacked: 0. I planned to tame the back 40 but perpetual rain made it impossible. I presume that the weeds will be Shawna-height by the time I actually get back there in May. (It is more fun that way, for the record.)

8. Miracles: My laptop survived its bath!!

9. TSA strip searches: 0.

I was concerned that trekking my DESKTOP computer through airport security would result in a strip search or two, but it was no big deal. In fact, our friends in Phoenix didn’t even bother to check my suitcase. TSA screener watching the x-ray scanner: “What IS that thing?” Moi: “A computer.” TSA screener: “Oh okay.” Silence. Moi: “So, do you want to check my suitcase?” TSA screener: “Nope.” Moi: [Head shaking.] SAFETY first!

10. Fantastic news: Mr. T fixed said computer after it melted down the week before spring break.

11. Rejections: Two. And I cried. A lot.

12. School projects finished: Ha, ha, ha! My list was a mile long and I got to about four things on it. Ah well.

13. Christmas tree status: Down but not out. My major Christmas break accomplishment was getting the thing de-decorated and in pieces. I wanted to get the pine-esque beast into the garage but there were too many fun things going on this week. Perhaps by summer?


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