Answering the ‘WTF?’ questions and other curios

What you get from a Google images search term of “WTF?” (Credit)

Today I shared some of my research experience with a class of college senior research apprentices. During our hour together, I babbled a bit about my primary research areas: Spirituality in organizations, peer workplace friendships and emotional interaction in airports, and also about the grant project on medication assisted treatment for recovering drug addicts. I talked briefly about my journey to grad school (nothing like a crap job to invoke a desire to learn!) and at length about my experience on Southwest Flight 812 and becoming temporarily famous.

My favorite part was when a young man asked me 1. If I really liked research (Yes.) and 2. Why? (Mania?) His questions smacked of senioritis-induced skepticism that anyone could possibly want to do research projects or that they could possibly, in any way, be fun.

Apparently another guest presenter before me said he likes to answer the “WTF?” questions. Well, me too.

I find that I research things that: 1. I find confusing (spirituality at work, religious mission); 2. Piss me off (the state of education, TSA naked scanners/screenings); 3. Intrigue/captivate me (work friendships, organizational language/process, interaction in public spaces). The fact that I basically get paid to sate my curiosity (while also working my ass off trying to make “contributions” to the field) rocks. I hope that someday, the answers to my “WTF?” questions help improve the world we live in.

Until then, (non-sequitur warning), I hope you can help me improve the world right now. Or at least Arizona. As you may have read in my post about my uncle Eric John, I have a special understanding of autism and I’m committed to autism advocacy. I just learned that some ridiculous legislator is forwarding a senate bill that will repeal legislation that requires private insurance companies to cover autism treatment and therapies in the state of Arizona (learn more here). If you have two minutes to spare, please email or call (602-542-4331) Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, and ask her to VETO Senate Bill 1593. Thank you! I appreciate your time very much!! (Update: You don’t have to be a resident of Arizona to write or call.)


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