Over the focus group hump

After whining about Easter at 36,000 feet, someone recently inquired as to why I fly so much. Aside from traveling back and forth between school (Phoenix) and home (Sacramento), I’ve been working on a research project that has me traveling around the country talking to recovering drug addicts to learn about their experiences in treatment. (To read sad story number one, click here). New York, LA, Honolulu, Chicago, Okalahoma City and Seattle in six weeks, plus trips home. During my last semester of coursework. Now, during finals. Whoa!
As I’m typing to you from Chicago, that means I’m almost halfway done and it’s downhill from here. Fingers crossed that the next four groups go well, that our participants are insightful (and lucid), and that this research project actually helps changes lives. (Oh, and that I survive!)


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