Grand theft Hershey: 3-year-old learns larceny at an early age

So I’m in line at the grocery store the other day and this little girl turns to face me with a Chesire Cat grin. As typical with adorable children, I wave and smile. Man, there are some cute kids in the world, I think to myself. She pivots away slowly to reveal a candy bar almost as wide as she is, plastered against her diapered behind. I realize Ms. Cutie Pie is attempting to swindle Safeway.

Exhibit A. 

Assessing the situation.

Exhibit B. 

Keeping an eye on the parental units.

Exhibit C. 

Damn these faux pockets!

Unfortunately, this is not a morality tale. Cutie Pie’s parents did not pay attention (or maybe they did, and just didn’t care?) and she walked out of the store with the Hershey bar “hidden” behind her back after several unsuccessful attempts to slide it in her pocket. I contemplated ratting her out, but I was too busy waiting for mom or dad to notice the robbery-in-progress.

What would you do?

complicit in the crime, shawna

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