#100HappyDays: Preservation & Co. grand opening

Preservation & Co. new facility grand opening, June 22, 2014

Confession: I love pickles. Sweet pickles. And dill pickles. And bread and butter pickles. And pickled cucumbers. And pickled onions. And pickled garlic. I could go on. So when I found out my friend’s family business–Preservation & Co.–was all about pickling and preserving, I got really excited.

Mr. T and I visited the grand opening of Preservation’s new production facility in downtown Sacramento week before last. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face to see my friend and her hubby’s dream in all of its pickled glory. Shelves of locally sourced and hand-packed food in a storefront adjacent to an industrial production facility, run by Sacramento locals–Too cool.

Check out Preservation’s web site http://www.preservationandco.com/ for more info.

Given my aforementioned pickle preferences, we picked up a jar of Big John’s Habanero Chips and some sweet pickled onions. SO GOOD. There’s also all manner of fun stuff like sriacha salt and bloody mary mix. Check ’em out!


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