Thursday Thirteen: 30 before 30

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You know it’s your birthday when you wake up to 75 Facebook notifications.

When I peeked my eyes out from the covers this morning, Mr. T asked me if I felt different. He asks a variation of this question every birthday I think, especially because I make such a big deal about my favorite day of the year. But today, staring down the barrel of 30, I got to thinking. Although I joke about “getting old,” I’m excited to wrap up another decade. (Decade, whoa.) What do I want to do before it’s over?

Following the theme of several bloggers, most recently The Busty Baker (she has delightful recipes!), I’m free-writing 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. Following Busty’s style, my items are fairly mundane. There is no sky diving or rushing off to Borneo here… just 30 things I want to do in the next 365 to mark my transition into a new decade (again, whoa). To shoe-horn the list into Thursday 13 format, I’ve done some grouping.

1. Self-Improvement
– Lower my procrastination level (ha!)
– Continue practicing patience

2. Friends & Fam
Socialize once a week
– Write one snail mail note a week

3. Health
– Go see the doctor
– Lose my addiction to refined sugar
– Reduce my cholesterol
– Fit in my damn pants again

4. School
– Survive comps!
– Write/pass my prospectus
– Start collecting data for my dissertation

5. Professional Development
– Become a published academic author

6. Yoga
– Finish a class with no breaks
– Be able to do the splits

7. Travel
– Visit Oshkosh (read Mackinac!) again
– Take a real, even miniature, vacation with no homework

8. Cooking
– Make Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon
– Conquer custard
– Try 30 new recipes

9. Reading
– Read 30 non-school books

10. Household
– Choose what color to paint the bedroom
– Hang under cabinet lighting in the kitchen
– Clear out the painting supplies circa 2008 from the spare bathroom

11. Green Thumbs
– Figure out how to grow lettuce without bugs
– Develop a plan for the Back 40
– Plant shade trees in the front yard

12. Random
– Sell/donate the gigantic white dress that lives in the spare bedroom

13. Mr. T
– Help T to meet his flying goals
– Improve my formation flying videography
– Fly to a new destination like Catalina


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