Thursday 13: A musical interlude

Really. Who forgets what song they
danced to at their wedding?!

Nestled on the couch a few weeks ago, Mr. T leaned over during the commercial break* and asked “What’s our song again?”

Brows screwed up, I replied, “What song?”

He said, “You know, the one we danced to at our wedding?”

I replied “…” and promptly pulled out my phone to look at our “first dance” photos on Facebook knowing I’d embedded a link to the song. For the record, it was Louis Armstrong’s “A Kiss to Build a Dream On.” And also on record, we chose it precisely six minutes before we took to the “stage” and performed a So You Think You Can Dance-worthy pas de deux** for our guests. In fact, most of the wedding music was chosen in the 24 hours prior to the day and probably only so early because of the rehearsal.

Since then, I’ve contemplated my ambivalent relationship with music. I like it, don’t get me wrong, I just forget about it sometimes. So for this Thursday 13, a slew of musical facts about me. (Riveting, I promise.)

1. Life-shaping song lyrics: “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer. This came out “Dic dic love” from a 1-year-old yours truly in 1983… my first words after “mama.”

2. Musical artist I’d like to hang out with for a day: Prince. (If you’re reading, do shoot me an email and we can get this set up.)

3. Freedom song:No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn” by the Beastie Boys. Also known as the song that played on the radio during my first solo experience operating a motor vehicle.

4. Professional concerts attended: Seven. In order: Godsmack, Three Doors Down, Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, Transiberian Orchestra, Itzhak Perlman, Diana Krall.

5. Band I care about most: North Highlands. Brooklyn-based geniuses and led by my talented little sister, I’m waiting for the record gods to come down and produce their latest album. (Any day now!)

6. Latest Pandora Station inspiration:Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons. Love it!

7. First cassette ever: “Different Light” by the Bangles.

8. In my CD changer: Robin Thicke, David Bowie’s Greatest Hits, Presidents of the United States of America, and three chapters from three different audio books.

9. Go-to Ipod faves: Billy Joel, Zap Mama, Queen, Annie Lennox, Jason Mraz, Regina Spektor, Michael Jackson

10. Era I mourn missing: 60s-70s soul, R&B and funk.

11. First CD I ever purchased: “To See You” by Harry Connick, Jr.

12. If I had to pick one favorite artist: Stevie Wonder.

13. Favorite song that no one seems to know:Tell Me Something Good” by Rufus & Chaka Khan


* Who am I kidding? We don’t watch commercials anymore, thank you DVR gods.

** It was probably more of a smooth waltz.

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