Visiting the Pacific Northwest, a photo preview

After sneaking off for a quick first anniversary trip to the Pacific Northwest, I’m remembering what it’s like to come home from vacation: busy, busy, busy. Piles-o-laundry await, along with an overflowing email box, work projects, school papers, etc. You know how it goes! In advance of an actual blog (or two or three) about the trip, here is a preview in pictures of our travels from Sacramento to McMinnville, OR to Walla Walla, WA and back. Enjoy!

The Twin Comanche offered a lovely mode of transportation. My joke about packing for general aviation travel: All the liquids, gels, and sharp things I can carry!


Gorgeous views of Mount Hood and half a dozen other beautiful peaks.


Albany, Oregon.


Landing at McMinnville Airport. Picturesque, despite the clouds.
Sure beats commercial flying most days.
A B&B, naturally.


I told T repeatedly: I want a vineyard. Not to raise grapes or anything, just to stare at. (ha)




Fun furry friends.


And gigantic horses. (Stay tuned for a hilarious horse series one of these days)


Surprise trip to a masterclass dressage facility.
Visiting with our especially excellent tour guide and friend, Taylor.


Space shuttle stuff at Evergreen Aviation.


Planes and more planes at Evergreen Aviation.


SPRUCE GOOSE! That badboy is almost 100% wood! Taylor arranged a tour of the cockpit for us. Too cool.


A 747-topped water park. There are waterslides coming out of the airplane. Bizarre!
The place so nice they named it twice. Walla Walla, WA.


Lived in College Place, WA for three years during college.


Good times with great friends! A visit to the Farmer’s Market with the Spurgisons, also doubled as Baby Watch 2011.


Main Street.


Tasty food.


Great company.


Hand-picked blueberries!


Mr. T really tried his best to make the baby come during our short flight around the valley, but to no avail.

Stay tuned for more photos and details!


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