It’s not you, it’s me. Taking a break from social media (so I don’t fail my comprehensive exams!)

Sorry social media, I need some space. Photo credit.

“You’ll be fine!” “You’ll do great.” “Don’t worry about it, everyone passess.”

Turns out fretting about comprehensive exams with colleagues and professors is remarkably unproductive. Everyone is so damn supportive. But the truth is, I really feel like I’m going to fail. And the reality is, if I do, it’s my own damn fault. I’ve been studying, of course, but I don’t feel like it’s nearly enough. After all, I’ve been sleeping normal amounts and still having something of a life. Not to mention I’ve kept up with my little addiction called the internets. Will I be the first grad student to fail comps because of Twitter? (Oh, the horror.) Let’s hope not.

With two weeks out from my in-house day (see here for an explanation of what I’m talking about), I’m going to take a leaf from my sister’s book and shun* social media until my exams are done. I’m turning over my accounts to Mr. T, asking him to temporarily change the passwords, and I’m going to study, hardcore. I recognize that I may love this new social media-free lifestyle** and never come back, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take to avoid the stunning embarassment of failure. Sigh.

In my next life, I’m going to come back with self-control and a procrastination shield!


* Dear ones, this means I’m going to be shunning you, too. Forgive me if I don’t return calls, turn down social invites, ignore your emails, etc. I’ll catch up with you after September 22!

** Who am I kidding?

P/S In my “Operation Kick Comps Ass” post, I felt so optimistic about using the blog to study. Only, it just felt like another form of procrastination and I clearly wasn’t very good about it. Ah well, I’ll bore with you academic junk another time!

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