New Year’s Resolutions: A fourth quarter assessment

So what if I keep my goals in an Excel spreadsheet! Photo credit.

It’s the 281st day of the year and as we finish up the 40th week of 2011, I got to thinking of my New Year’s resolutions. An avid list-maker (see here), yours truly generated 77 goals for the year (so far), broken up into the categories of Self-Improvement/Hobbies, Household/Home Improvement, School/Professional, and Mr. T things. Of the discrete goals, I’ve got a 50% success rate so far which sounds abysmal but I’m rationalizing that many of my goals are process-oriented and/or have not met their deadline yet.

A short review suggests some serious over- and under-achieving. For instance, one goal was to try 25 new recipes. I’ve made 50. I tried hot yoga, planted a garden, took crap to Goodwill, wrote my comprehensive exams, and moved back to Sacramento (woot!) among other things. But my reading and exercise levels suck–only 12 of 25 non-school books completed and only 2.8 workout sessions per week instead of at least three–and I still haven’t made anything with quinoa (a 2010 goal!).

With basically 11 weeks left to the year, I’m looking at my remaining goals and prioritizing. What do I hope to accomplish? In addition to surviving the day-to-day, I want to:

– Achieve a three-session per week exercise rate (30 minutes at least)
– Try Zumba (someone go with me!)
– Lose 10 pounds (down from 15 on July 6)
– Sell my wedding dresses
– Hang the large mirror in the library before Christmas
– Frame and hang our engagement posters before Christmas
– Successfully defend comps
– Write/submit my prospectus (dissertation proposal)
– Submit two papers for the International Communication Association conference
– Prepare a manuscript for publication
– Plant a winter garden

Where were your New Year’s goals? What do you want to accomplish before the end of the year? Do tell!


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