Proof the bouquet toss magic actually works: Congrats to Shannon & Simeon!

When things were sounding serious, I felt compelled to
get to know this guy a little better so I sent him a
“Sim Survey” to get his perspective on significant topics
like the relative merits of sushi, mushrooms, and Christmas
cookie toppings. What I learned? The guy has a fun
sense of humor and clearly adores my best friend.

I may have been accused of cheating when Shan caught the bouquet I tossed, but really, I had my back turned. And I’m such a bad shot, if I were aiming at her, I probably would have missed anyway. In any case, it worked. I am absolutely thrilled to announce that my best friend Shannon is gettin’ hitched!!!

When Shan called to tell me the news a couple days ago, I was riding the bus from the lightrail to the airport. I was surrounded by menfolk who startled at my high pitched chatter. (It’s a credit to my self-awareness that I didn’t scream and shout, people.) She asked: “Do you want to hear the best proposal story ever???” Um, YES PLEASE.

It turns out that her beloved, Simeon, took her out to the movies and got the cinema folks to play a premade video as part of the previews. This is great on so many levels because Shannon adores the movies, especially watching previews. I haven’t seen the video yet, but I hear he sang her a beautiful song. Sigh.

My favorite part? Hearing the utter joy in her voice as she relayed the tale. Although I’ve only met Sim once (they have the nerve to live on the East Coast!), I can tell how perfect they are for each other. Her voice goes all soft and warm when she talks about him, and they both dote on each other constantly although I don’t know if they realize it. I love the happy energy they exude and how much they seem to “fit” if that makes sense. I’m so excited to see how they will build their lives together! (I do wish, however, that they would do the building a little closer to California. Ahem.)

Congratulations again Shannon & Simeon!!!


P/S For the record, I totally offered to hand-sew 1,000 organza flowers for her (knowing that she wouldn’t ever want anything of the sort. ha!).

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