A note to Christmas haters

Truth, I used to hate Christmas. Used to. Photo credit.

Confession: I used to hate Christmas. Really, despite what my decking-the-halls and Christmas cookie posts may convey, I haven’t always been a Christmas nut. It used to be that every time the season would come around, I’d get a chorus of “It’s the most stressful time of the year” going in my head and fairly well dread the entire month of December. Now I always loved the presents and the food, of course. But I used to feel just crushed by obligations and familial strife, or worn out by alternating which family to visit knowing I’d always be disappointing one parent or the other. Not to mention the expense and the stress of shopping and cooking and wrapping and decorating and overeating and under-exercising, etc., etc.

So I got to thinking today about other people who might hate Christmas. Folks who’ve recently lost loved ones or jobs. Folks who can’t travel to see their families. Folks working retail. Folks for whom Christmas represents a bunch of ideologies that just don’t jive with who they are. I hear yah. And I’m thinking about you this week as the big day approaches.


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