Christmas traditions? Yes, please.

Since it’s officially December, I can wear my Christmas crazy with pride. Things are full tinsel around the house and I’m looking forward to three favorite traditions. In order of their happening this year…

1. Our annual White Elephant extravaganza. It started with a toilet monster and a Hello Kitty toaster. We’ve seen horse head lamps (of doom), Nic Cage pillow cases, Tim the Enchanter horns, moonshine, Banana Bunkers and everything in between. Now preparing for our 9th soiree in a few weeks, I so look forward to a hilarious evening with siblings and friends. (Sorry, no parents allowed.)

Best White Elephant gift ever
The horse head lamp of doom. It’s unfortunately gone out of circulation, but lived at our house for a year. So. Hilariously. Awful. The hat, however, I still retain. And love!
Banana bunker
Stephen received the Banana Bunker. I haven’t seen a group of people laugh that hard before.
In case you wonder, this is a Banana Bunker. It’s a protective banana case and is as funny as you think it would be. Especially if you have dirty friends.

2. Christmas cookies with the girls. My best friend Shannon started the girls-only cookie party tradition more than a couple decades ago and I was lucky to be linked in in 2005. It’s strange and awesome that this year I’ll be decorating cookies with her daughter, who will be big enough to add/dump sprinkles already. Time flies!

Christmas cookies
You can tell this is an early-in-the-day cookie because there is so much detail and creativity.
I’m guilty, along with Shannon’s sister, Danielle, of “accidentally” breaking cookies in order to eat some along the way. However, I only break the ones we don’t like decorating, such as angels and pointy ornaments.

3. Christmas wafflers! It’s hard to carve out a niche in such a busy month, especially without kidlets. But somehow, Mr. T and I secured Christmas morning brunch and look forward to cooking for our families every year. It’s my famous raised Belgian waffles topped with T’s omg-so-good berry compote, copious amounts of T’s home style potatoes and way too much bacon and sausage. The food plus visiting with family? The best way to spend Christmas morning.


Cannot wait!

What are you favorite holiday traditions?


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