The Daily Pixel: Double date in Half Moon Bay

Survey says “Shutterbug Snaps” sucks, so in the spirit of New Year’s renewal, I’m retooling and going with “popular” demand. Thus, my daily photographic forays will heretofore be referenced as “The Daily Pixel.” Until I think of something cooler, anyway.

Until then… Half Moon Bay!

January 2, 2012

Over New Year’s, Mr. T invited me on a double-date flight to Half Moon Bay. Not one to miss out on a favorite flying locale, I said “Sure!” Plus, any excuse to avoid putting away Christmas decorations was well appreciated.


In case you forgot what I look like. This is me in the back seat of the Twin Comanche.


Hey look, that’s the Golden Gate Bridge! What I like least about the Twin Comanche is the visibility. Damn wings and engines get in the way of everything.


Flying over Sausalito.


Half Moon Bay!


The airport is spitting distance to cute shops and great restaurants. The flight is roughly 35 minutes from Sacramento, 40-45 if you’re being scenic.


Our friends Jennifer and Carl. Mr. T’s motivation for the flight–besides hanging out with dears ones–was to convince Jennifer to fall in love with the Twin Comanche so Carl would learn how to fly it. I think the plan was a success!


My favorite goofball.


Half Moon Bay.


The last time we flew this route, we saw a whale! I pretended to see one this flight.




Rice paddies outside Sacramento.


Coming in to land at Sacramento Executive.


The Daily Pixel- January 1, 2012– Death Star Pancakes

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