The Daily Pixel: Once in a blue moon

Once in a blue moon, I find myself solo on a Friday night. Mr. T’s off playing airplanes in Watsonville this weekend (if you’re around, go see him fly at the airshow!) and me? I’m coding data. And eating leftovers. And trying not to whine, too much anyway.

The good news? Most of the leftovers have been seriously tasty. See…

#236- Aug 23- Tart, luscious and light (!) lemon bars

Want the recipe? Click here.

#237- Aug 24- Surely, staring makes the oven work faster

T kept a close eye on the pizza.

#238- Aug 25- Caption contest, ready go…!

Marm, Eric and I had a lovely visit to the Crocker Art Gallery. Well, marm and I did anyway. (Every time I see this photo, I giggle.)

#239- Aug 26- Garden art project in progress

Vintage frames + spray paint = happy girl.

#240- Aug 27- An aisle with an identity crisis

Come on Michael’s, it’s AUGUST. Put the Christmas crap AWAY. (And that’s coming from a serious Christmas crazy. At least wait until September.)

#241- Aug 28- Lemon blueberry bread

Ever see a recipe online that makes you salivate? When I saw this post for lemon blueberry bread, I might have had to wipe the drool from my mouth. And then immediately run to the store for ingredients. So good.

#242- Aug 29- Lovely leftovers

Jazzed up a year-old freezer lasagna with arrabiata sauce and more cheese. Not bad, not bad. I’ve been making comfort food like soup and lasagna in hopes that I can convince the cool weather to descend upon us. So far, it’s not working!

#243- Aug 30- Rest in peace John Crouse

We lost an airport friend to cardiac problems this week. John, you are missed!

#244- Aug 31- End of summer color

Found this flower on an evening walk. Of the bunch, it was the only one not covered in bumble bees. Is there anything happier than a sunflower?


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