The Daily Pixel: Winter veggies galore

I found myself quite cross in the garden this week as I schlepped the hose around the yard in weather reaching the high 60s. Our Sacramento “winter” has been a total joke so far and I lamented that the sole benefit of winter gardening–free water from Mother Nature–was eluding me. Bah. At least my plants seem to be hanging in there so far!

January 6, 2012

Snow peas!


Project Green Thumbs, winter edition. Looks sad!


The kale is hearty as if it knows I don’t want to eat it and is doing its best to thrive in hostile conditions and taunt me.


The cabbage seemed a bit pissy at the lack of water.


The sweet peas are trying to take over it seems.


Something about the flowers reminds me of a Disney movie. Fantasia maybe?


Curliques! (Curlycues? How do you spell that?)


The nasturtiums don’t seem to enjoy the hard frost very much.


Bok choy is doing well enough.


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