The Daily Pixel #55- Dream peas

Last week, I wandered out to check the status of my winter garden. I wonder… could you hear my primal scream across the internets? You see, some creature decimated my leafy greens. Broccoli tops? Gone. Kale tips? Gone. Bok choi, cabbage, turnip greens? Gone, gone, GONE. I stamped inside and steamed. At least someone is eating well.

The good news? This week I still have two crops going strong, both peas oddly enough. See…

#55- February 24, 2012- Dream peas

Sweet peas and snow peas. I found myself charmed that the sweet peas really do have a pleasant fragrance (like the Bath & Bodyworks lotion I used to buy). And I must brag: The snow peas are the sweetest of any I’ve ever tasted.


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