The Daily Pixel: Vanilla roasted pears

One of my favorite food blogs of late is Smitten Kitchen. The name is cute. The writing is great. The recipes are fantastic and easy enough to follow. When one of my besties over at Puppies & Pancakes raved about a Smitten Kitchen fruit dessert (of all things), I took notice. My friend claimed the vanilla roasted pears were out of this world so I gathered my supplies and gave ’em a try.

My verdict? The recipe has definite potential. Two downfalls for me… First, my pears were not terribly flavorful on their own so the resulting dish was a bit bland. Second, I didn’t keep an eye on the pan during the second half of the baking process and my ooey gooey caramel sauce was more like rock hard caramel toffee that I had to soak off the pan. No good! I think I would have gone nuts over this dessert had the sauce survived. I’ll put this on the list to try again soon.

I used d’anjou and bosc. Will try bartlett next time.


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