The Daily Pixel: Hitting the wall, puppies in class, tulips, & Ewok fashion

I’m sitting in my home office watching wild turkeys haul ass down the street. One by one, they strut and squawk, running hell-for-leather toward some unknown but apparently important turkey business. Oh to be carefree as a bird. Instead, I’m sifting through scholarly articles, crafting essays, and realizing that again, I’m behind on my daily photo posting. I should call these weekly pixels at this rate. In any case, a few photos for your enjoyment…

#25- January 25, 2012- Hitting the (office) wall

I blame my 4 a.m. wake up call for this being the only viable picture on my camera this Wednesday. My office in Stauffer Hall at ASU is, shall we say, rustic. So I try to pretty it up with art and photos. It’s something of a losing battle.

#26- January 26, 2012- Puppies in the Classroom

Walking down the hall at school the other day, I got sucked in by this 7-day-old puppy’s cuteness tractor beams. I halfway considered crashing my friend’s dissertation proposal defense just so I could play with the pup.

#27- January 27, 2012- The end of tulip time

I wish my favorite flowers lasted longer! Even better, I wish the tulip bulbs I try to plant would actually live. Any advice?

#28- January 28, 2012- Ewok fashion!

All the cool kids have Ewok shirts you know.


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