The Daily Pixel: First week of school at Arizona State University

This week marked the first full school week of Spring semester at Arizona State University. School actually started last Thursday, nearly two weeks earlier than years past. Now, I realize that complaining about having a three-week winter break instead of a five-week break when many people only get itty bitty breaks may sound incredibly whiny. But I’m mostly sad about not having my typical time frame available for work. You see, for grad students and professors, breaks are when we get a lot of work done like planning courses for the new semester, writing articles, revising papers, etc. When school is in session, I find it tough to squeeze in my side writing projects and I count on good-sized breaks to get goals accomplished. This winter? Not so much on the school productivity front. I got a lot of personal goals addressed, a draft paper for work nearly complete, and my new course prepped, but little else, unfortunately. Waa!

January 12, 2012

Walking from my office in Stauffer Hall towards the Memorial Union. Whining aside, I had a stupendous first day of school, and I’m thrilled to be back in the classroom teaching again. See here for more details on that.


The quad near the Memorial Union at Arizona State University. During lunch time, there’s often music playing and little booths advertising clubs and events dotting the landscape.


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