The Daily Pixel #56- My mother made me do it

My mother is a fantastically talented woman. Her creativity shines through painting, photography and hair artistry. She runs a successful business, cooks to-die-for meals, grows beautiful flowers, cans the most delicious peach jam in the world, and on top of it all, is a really nice person. What she’s not good at? Keeping her daughter from buying the most frivolous shoes on the face of the earth.

When shoe shopping, you might expect a mom type to be practical and ask questions like: Are they comfortable? Can you walk in them? Will you be able to wear them often?

No, while *I* asked myself those questions yesterday on our not-frequent-enough shoe date, she goaded me… “They’re cuuuutteeee.” “[Who needs to walk?] Those are date shoes!” “They’ll go perfect with summer dresses.”

So what can I say, I listened to my mom’s advice and bought hot pink/purple wedges, complete with swirling koi fish. (And, in case Mr. T is reading, they were totally on sale and I had a coupon.)

#56- February 25, 2012


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