The Daily Pixel #57- The most amusing Oscar pool ever

In college, I frequented the theater about once a week. I know because I’ve kept every stub for every movie I’ve ever seen (truly), and tickets circa the early 2000s are prolific. Of course, back then, movies cost $5 at the student rate and somehow I had time to kill. Lately, not so much.

While Mr. T and I love movies, we see most of them on Netflix months and years after they come out (Harry Potter and sparkly vampires not withstanding*, of course). Even though we live a stone’s throw from a theater, the cost and hassle is often not worth it, and since we don’t watch a lot of prime time TV, we typically have no idea what’s coming out anyway.

So, the fact that we were invited to and participated in an Oscar party pool is somewhat hilarious. That we won by blind luck is even better!

#57- February 26, 2012

The most clueless Oscar pool of all time. Mr. T and I saw but two movies up for nomination. Our hosts, the Wheelers, just a handful more than that. We each guessed randomly, having no idea what most of the movies were even about. (Who knew The Artist was a silent film??) We Reddens won the grand prize–movie tickets and enough candy to cause a sugar-induced coma–by one point.


* For me. Mr. T refuses to watch (or read!) Potter, although he is a good sport at watching the Twilight saga on DVD if coerced.

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