The Daily Pixel: February photo reflections

One of these weeks I’m going to start putting the ‘daily’ back into “The Daily Pixel.” Until then…

#38- February 7, 2012

You know you fly too much when jet engines start looking so pretty.

#39- February 8, 2012

The hallway that holds my office and the 10,000 undergrads who like to sit outside my door and gab. It will be a miracle if I survive my degree without pulling a Mr. Heckles-like performance, complete with broom and bathrobe.

#40- February 9, 2012

Spring time in downtown Phoenix.

#41- February 10, 2012

My home-away-from-home, the new terminal at Sacramento International Airport. I think it’s beautiful, especially the artwork (rabbit not withstanding) and sweeping architecture.

#42- February 11, 2012

Another day in my suburban wild kingdom… three toms on a stroll. I loved to see them strutting and circling each other with full regalia out while the 13 females walked along ignoring them. Pretty sure they were flirting with me.

#43- February 12, 2012

The most perfect pancakes I’ve ever made. Okay, the only perfect pancakes I’ve ever made. I do believe this will be my go-to recipe from now on (p.s. I used sour cream and white flour, don’t judge me). The blueberry compote doesn’t hurt either.

#44- February 13, 2012

Some classic Valentine’s romancin’ compliments of Mr. T.

#45- February 14, 2012

Mr. T’s Valentine’s present. Although I am staunchly a tear-the-wrapping girl, it killed me to see this gorgeous paper torn. I’m weird like that, I know.


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