“30 before 30” progress report

As the big 3-0 approaches in 10 weeks, I thought it would be a good time to revisit my “30 before 30” goals to see how I’m doing. Or at least start the scramble to get items checked off the list.

In rereading my goal list (copied below), I noticed that several items were situational at the time of writing (yoga), some seemed poorly constructed in terms of measurement/accomplishment (lowering procrastination), and a couple made no sense considering when my birthday falls and when they would be achieved (going to Oshkosh again). I’ve gone through and evaluated the likelihood of completion using a red, “not gonna happen”; green, “done or definitely happening”; yellow, “in progress”; and orange, “hard to evaluate” color scheme. 

In any case, it’s going to be a busy 10 weeks trying to get these things done. 

1. Self-Improvement

– Lower my procrastination level (ha!)
STATUS: Given how hard this is to measure (since I gave neither a baseline level or reduction goal), I can only guestimate my success with this one. From where I started (procrastinating on my study for comprehensive exams), I’d say this one will be a success.

– Continue practicing patience

STATUS: Ditto on the poor goal construction as above. This neither specific or measurable goal is a little hard to assess. Of course, patience will be a life-long struggle for me.

2. Friends and Fam 
-Socialize once a week
STATUS: Right on track!
– Write one snail mail note a week
STATUS: So I haven’t tracked this one at all with the exception of Christmas cards. If push comes to shove, I may send out 52 notes before my birthday.

3. Health

Easter candy (and before that Valentine’s, Christmas, and Halloween) makes
my “kick refined sugar” goal nearly impossible. (Happy Easter, by the way)

– Go see the doctor
– Lose my addiction to refined sugar

STATUS: Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha.
– Reduce my cholesterol
– Fit in my damn pants again

4. School
– Survive comps!
– Write/pass my prospectus
– Start collecting data for my dissertation
STATUS: Yay me.

5. Professional Development

– Become a published academic author

STATUS: I’m not sure if my article will be in print by June, but as it was accepted for publication in March, I’m calling this one done.

6. Yoga
– Finish a class with no breaks

: One of my “situational” goals, I have not engaged in yoga since writing this list. Although I do want to get back to my practice, I’m short on time and funds, so this one will not be a reality by June.
– Be able to do the splits
: Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

7. Travel
– Visit Oshkosh (read Mackinac!) again

STATUS: As Oshkosh (aka the EAA AirVenture fly-in) falls a month after my birthday, we definitely won’t be attending it in time for a green light. But we do plan to go again this year. (Woo!)
– Take a real, even miniature, vacation with no homework
STATUS: Alaska, I am coming for you! In fact, I will turn 30 during our cruise.

8. Cooking
– Make Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon

STATUS: Perhaps as an end-of-semester celebration meal?
– Conquer custard
STATUS: As creme brulee is on my New Year’s goal list, me thinks I should get on this one.
– Try 30 new recipes

9. Reading
– Read 30 non-school books
STATUS: In progress. 14 books down. Conceivable that I’ll make it, especially with vacation ahead. (Will it be cheating if I start reading Dr. Seuss to get my number up?)

10. Household
– Choose what color to paint the bedroom

STATUS: Yay me! Now to add “paint the bedroom” to this list.
– Hang under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen

STATUS: This one hinges on my persuasive abilities since Mr. T will be the one scaling a ladder and doing wiring in the attic.
– Clear out the painting supplies circa 2008 from the spare bathroom

STATUS: If I get a jump on my new painting project, it is entirely likely we will soon get our half-bathroom back after four years.

11. Green Thumbs
– Figure out how to grow lettuce without bugs
STATUS: I may forego even growing lettuce this season, but I do hope to figure out how to beat the bug population with as few pesticides as possible.
– Develop a plan for the Back 40

STATUS: The likelihood of us figuring what to do with our untamed yard in 10 weeks is slim but stranger things have happened.
– Plant shade trees in the front yard
STATUS: And they’re even alive still.

12. Random 
-Sell/donate the gigantic white dress that lives in the spare bedroom

Size 8 Cara Mia Bellissima, worn once with love,
yours for $310. Email bluestmuse(at)gmail(dot)com.


STATUS: I’ve put this sucker on Craig’s List at least 20 times in the last year with only one call. Trying not to be offended… Anyone need a gorgeous wedding dress for a budget price?

13. Mr. T
– Help T to meet his flying goals

STATUS: Yeah, I’m totally married to a certified formation flying pilot. Woo! 
– Improve my formation flying videography

STATUS: I’m attending a formation flying clinic with T, so I’m guessing I’ll have another chance to improve my skills in this arena. 
– Fly to a new destination like Catalina

STATUS: It wasn’t Catalina, but we did fly to a new place… McMinnville, Oregon (see here and here for proof). I’m ready to go back!


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