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I suppose I should forgive Mr. T for his “Who are you?”/”What’s your name again?”/”You look really familiar” jokes lately. In the past four months, I’ve been gone almost as much as I’ve been home. A conference here, a trip to Germany there, a week in Phoenix for good measure. After getting home from my second trip to Albuquerque this year around 11:30 last night, I can unequivocally state: I am tired of traveling. Living out of a suitcase, crashing on hotel beds and giant bean bags, eating out continually… it wears on a woman.

I wish I could say that the travel will ease up in the near future, but the semester will continue for another month. And then there are more conferences, and weddings (yay!), and oh, what’s this, VACATION. With a few days at home puttering in the garden and taming the Back 40, I think I’ll survive. We’ll see anyway.

The good news? I have a ton of photos to share with you…

#77- March 17- The Blue Muse gets a bike

My first bike in almost 20 years! It somehow fit in my trunk, and I drove it to Phoenix so I have some transportation when I’m in town.

#78- March 18- Lovely day for flying

The Culver Cadet (left) and RV-4 (right), getting ready for the DGA Precision Flying Contest (more pictures here).

#79- March 19- I love perennials

Poking around the garden and I noticed my mint is coming back. I love perennials which are plants that die off in the fall/winter, and come back in spring/summer.

#80- March 20- Bean and cheese enchiladas

Having never made cheese enchiladas before, I consulted this recipe. It turned out surprisingly well considering that my filling was the consistency of queso and I had to fold up the tortillas like envelopes.

#81- March 21- Murderous feline

I’d be plotting revenge if my owners put me in a bag and took me on an airplane, too.

#82- March 22- Germany!

A castle on the Rhine. More photos here.

#83- March 23- Reenacting Southwest 812

Strangest experience ever… reenacting Southwest 812. This is Kerstin… recruiter, film studio employee, friend and “extra” for the filming. She translated/explained everything for me.

#84- March 24- Airport security in Germany

Not terribly different than our TSA, although we did not have to remove our shoes.

#85- March 25- All the makeup in the world

The day after Germany, I modeled for my mom’s photoshoot at Hoshall’s Salon and Spa in Carmichael, CA. I marveled at the amount of makeup on my face, and of course, the fake eyelashes!

#86- March 26- Desert windmills

With a radar detector, GPS, snacks and 21 hours of Harry Potter on CD, I drove to Phoenix last week. I’m always awed by the windmill farms down by Palm Desert.

#87- March 27- Oops.

#88- March 28- The 11:30 p.m., oh crap I forgot to take a photo, photo

Hardly better than no photo at all, but what can you do?

#89- March 29- 12 gallons of technicolor

Supplies for mural making.

#90- March 30- What happens at Oregano’s may stick around for years. Totally worth it!

If you’re ever in Tempe, please, please, please visit Oregano’s. You will not be disappointed. Or feel hungry again for a week. If you can, save room for The Cookie.

#91- March 31- Service day at Crockett Elementary

Check out the entire project and 86-foot mural here.

#92- April 1- On the road again!

Headed home after six days in the desert on the first anniversary of Southwest 812.

#93- April 2- One of these ones is not like the other ones

My Cadbury Creme Eggs masquerading as veggies.

#94- April 3- The wisest cookie of all

Although I often live by the “No rest for the wicked” mantra, the fortune cookie speaks wisdom. Wearing yourself out does not make for productivity, or happiness!

#95- April 4- A “green” water fountain at University of New Mexico

This water fountain offered cool, filtered water for water bottles. Note the small green display above… it counts how many plastic bottles it “saves” every day. Too cool!

#96- April 5- Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque

I presented a paper at the Qualitative Research in Management and Organization conference at the University of New Mexico this week. Beautiful view (parking lots not withstanding) from our hotel room.

#97- April 6- Interesting application of “contraband”

Homemade TSA sign at the Albuquerque Airport


#76- Cans, cans, cans
#75- French Onion fabulousness
#68-74- A blink and a week

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