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As I dressed for Zumba this morning, it occurred to me: It’s Wednesday. And I’m HOME. And I didn’t get up at 4 a.m. to catch the 6 a.m. to Phoenix. Ah, miracles.

To celebrate, I briefly serenaded Mr. T with a modified chorus of Alice Cooper: “Schooooooooool’s ouuut foreveeerrrrr.” Pause. Raised eyebrow from T. “Schoooooooool’sssss ouuuutt till Auuugguuussttt.”

With a chuckle, T sang back to me something like “Unlessssss you haaavvvveee a dissserrrttaattiooonnnnn.”


So school isn’t exactly “out,” but I’m eeking some relaxation time nonetheless. Family time. Cooking time. Yard work time. It’s a glamorous life. See…

#127- May 6- Frankie as a blonde

We celebrated my step-dad’s 55th birthday this weekend with BBQ and pug dogs, of course. This is Frankie, the street pug, eater of chocolate cakes and entire Costco-sized bags of Hawaiian rolls, and her Emily.

#128- May 7- “Could I have it?”

Fired up the grill for the first time this season. Unlike the human diners, Goliath kept his gaze trained on the chicken at all times. I imagine the inner monologue as such: “Can I have your chicken? Can I have your chicken? Can I have your chicken? Could I have it? Could I have it?” and in this tone.
#129- May 8- Linden, back from the “dead”
Last summer, I planted three baby shade trees (see here). Two of them, the Chanticleer pears, blossomed beautifully with full green leaves while the Little Leaf Linden languished, a 6-foot twig. T teased me and complained that the Linden must be dead (at my hand, presumably) as the whole neighborhood turned green and flowered. And then lo and behold… the buds sprouted. And then these beautiful leaves emerged. And then I realized that I spend far too much time analyzing the foliage in my yard. Must have a dissertation to write. (ha!)


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