The Daily Pixel: Weekend warriors

The human creaks and groans seemed plentiful this morning as Mr. T and I wrenched our aching bodies out of bed. To blame? A doozy of a good weekend. Saturday, T flew formation in an airshow at Rancho Murrieta (woohoo!) while I went Spring-cleaning crazy on the home office. Then Sunday it was all sprinklers, all the time. With shoveling. And pick-axing. I’m hoping the soreness will wear off some day.

#140- May 19- Weekend warriors gotta eat

I blame Papa Murphy’s for the fact that T and I have made homemade pizza only two times in our entire relationship. Who knew this stuff was so tasty!? We used dough and sauce from Trader Joes with mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni, olives, onions, garlic and basil for toppings. In a side-by-side comparison, my pizza won for best crust (thank you, pizza stone) while I admit T’s pizza took the flavor award for his seven (yes, seven) cloves of sliced garlic.

 #141- May 20- Waterworks!

Covered in dirt and sweat, T sat affixing new sprinkler heads, while I took a pick-ax to the bender board path. The iconic tinkling of childhood snapped me out of my I-hate-slugs reverie (truly, I found a colony living under the bender board) and I jumped up… ICE CREAM MAN!!! The boring adult in me said “Shawna, you have fruit pops in the fridge” but the kid who used to save pennies and spend summer days hoping for the purveyor of push-ups to appear won out. (I admit, T’s prodding helped). And so our day of shoveling and pick-axing and playing in the mud already has a sweet taste in my memory.


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