The Daily Pixel: Domestic bliss

After 10 days traveling and bumming around Oshkosh, I delighted in staying home the last couple weeks. Boring, quiet, happy home. With cooking and gardening and strangely, wild life. See…

#215- Aug 2- Turkey chasing

I found papa turkey and his turklings in the yard, and shooed them away promptly. Eat all the bugs you want, friends, but keep your poops and leave my flowers alone, thankyouverymuch.

#216- Aug 3- Walter grows

By Christmas he should be big enough to eat.

#217- Aug 4- Gnocchi attempt two

Maybe third time will be a charm. More on that later.

#218- Aug 5- Chicken, leek and potato pot pie

Need a tasty, fast and get this, healthy dinner idea? Click here.

#219- Aug 6- Bedroom refresher in progress

Soooo, I finished the painting, finally. So what if I started in May?? And after getting the draperies cleaned for the first time ever, I got them put back up, finally. And now, we’re shopping for a bed frame to replace the oak monstrosity. Ah, progress.

#220- Aug 7- Better than an “Oops”

At 11:30 p.m. while watching the Olympics, I remembered I hadn’t snapped a picture yet. “Goliath, wake up!”

#221- Aug 8- BBQ chicken goodness

Is there anything better than a tender BBQ chicken drumstick?? I used this super tasty pineapple marinade and then grilled them for 25-30 minutes.

#222- Aug 9- “Stop waking me up!”

In case you wanted to know what a severely annoyed, just-woken-up Goliath looks like.

#223- Aug 10- Oh so sexy.

On the hunt for a new bed frame, I visited a local consignment shop. Mr. T got a text message with this photo and the comment, “Now, tell me you wouldn’t want to sleep here.” Elegant, huh?

#224- Aug 11- The mother of all weeds

So I haven’t been weeding planter beds lately… Found these beauties hiding in between shrubbies. Just charming.

#225- Aug 12- Channeling Edith Ann

So when did chairs get so hugemongous?


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