Stalking hummingbirds, my new profession

It started last summer when I first installed our cheapy plastic feeder. I’d find myself standing by our bedroom window, just staring out, waiting for the tiny birds to appear. Sometimes, I’d peer out of the living room window, as if a sideways glance might encourage visitors. And then one day, they showed up. A greedy brigade, completely happy to suck down the “hummingbird crack” I so cheerfully provide. (Recipe: Boil one part sugar to four parts water until the sugar is dissolved. Let cool before “serving.” The secret, I think, is that I keep vanilla beans in my sugar.)

Well this year, my fancy pants new glass feeder seems to have attracted all of the pretties. Emerald backs, ruby throats, swatches of purple. Gorgeous itty bitty birds everywhere. So, I confess, I am a 29-going-on-85 bird watcher, and I stare at them all of the time. AND I just might keep my long lens on the dresser so I can catch them mid-meal.


Never you mind the mostly dead plant to the left. Anyone have advice for keeping verbena alive?
Reminds me of a logo for some reason. Hrm.
Coming in for a landing.
“Whatchu lookin’ at? I’m EATIN’ here.”
It cracks me up when two or three “fight” for the feeder.
Seriously, that sad, sad verbena needs help.
I will have to do research soon to figure out which are the ladies and which are the gents.
Proud little fella.


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