The Daily Pixel: Early summer in academia

Summer in academia feels like controlled chaos. Contrary to popular opinion, having “summers off” does not equate to three months of vacation, laying around eating bonbons (despite what Mr. T may claim). Rather, it’s a big old nebulous chunk of time where work must get done, but without the helpful structure of routine and deadlines. Every day is different. For me, it’s both delicious and nauseating. Much like telecommuting, I enjoy the freedom and flexibility, but life without pattern and predictability is a challenge. For instance, it’s unnerving that I can never seem to remember what day it is! In any case, this week’s pixels seem to reflect my current chaos in their variety. Expect similar levels of random all summer.

#150- May 29- Kale/fruit smoothie (disaster)

A couple weeks ago, I crashed with friends Lou and Julie during my travels, and Lou turned me on to kale/fruit breakfast smoothies. Her spring green drink, made with kale, apple, peach, ice and protein powder, was delish and I tried to recreate it at home. My smoothie making efforts? Pathetic. The blender came undone, leaking all over the counter. The kale afforded the smoothie a nice “cut grass” flavor and texture. Ick. Ick. Ick. Happily, I did pull it together for smoothie adventure #2, but still. Don’t expect to see me working at Jamba Juice any time soon.

#151- May 30- Watering more than the onions

I must be careful when watering lately because my itty bitty Praying Mantis friends hide out in the most unlikely places.

#152- May 31- Energy conscious PDX

Portland International Airport is rapidly becoming my favorite travel way station. Not only does it boast great food, friendly employees, and beautiful music, it’s energy and resource conscious. Take for example, this people mover. Unlike the perpetually moving kind, this one only goes when you trip the censor. Pretty cool.

#153- June 1- Seven levels of rude!

Calling all shopping cart activists! I fumed to see this cart left in the only shady parking space at Costco, ESPECIALLY when the cart return area was only 20 feet away. Grrrr.

#154- June 2- Angie!

Dogwatching for my in-laws over the hottest days of the year so far meant that Angie preferred the pool to playing catch. She didn’t seem to understand why I wouldn’t jump in the pool to fetch and throw her ball.

#155- June 3- Shawna does landscaping

Fingers crossed these perennials live long and happy lives! See here for the before and after photos.

#156- June 4- Taunting a girl

Mail from the Grand Hotel inviting us to stay this summer for their 125th anniversary season. Sniff. Wish we could go! (For a zillion photos of my favorite-ist Honeymoon spot, see here.)

#157- June 5- Cucs!

How does my garden grow? Quickly, lately. Yay!

#158- June 6- Easy weeknight enchiladas

Quick and easy enchiladas using rotisserie chicken. Check out the recipe here.


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