Thursday 13: June 2012 Snapshot

Who paints their bedroom and blogs the day before a big vacation? Me, apparently! As I am running out of time to pack though, I’ll keep the preamble short and just say that my favorite month is FLYING by. Here are Thursday 13 snaps for proof…

1. A recent picture:

In my happy place.

2. A thrill:  

Yeah, that’s Mr. T flying in formation at an air show (he’s the red and white plane at the bottom). PROUD WIFE MOMENT! I will devote a full post to his awesome routine at the Golden West Fly-In and Air Show some time soon, but suffice to say, he kicked some aviation ass last weekend.

3. Something I’m looking forward to: 

Alaska! I’m going there… tomorrow! Ah! Photo credit.

4. Culinary success: 

30-before-30 goal was to conquer custard and make creme brulee. Oh MY this was tasty. I used Alton Brown’s recipe and crafted this incredibly light and creamy custard with requisite burnt sugar crust. My favorite part? Screaming “I WELDED SUGAR” to an amused T before scarfing it down. Word to the wise: Watch Alton’s demonstration before you get started. And if you’re cooking for two, cut the recipe in half.

5. Progress:

White walls be gone! I’m almost 3/4-done painting our bedroom. Right now, the room is fully “Dextered.” If you don’t know what that means, get thee to Netflix post haste.

6. How my garden grows:

So far so good this season. Only lame crop so far: The watermelon rads. Check out my cute garden fence decor. Some day, I’ll get little plants up there. Some day.

7. A small splurge:

Sparklers! A gel manicure at Hoshall’s Salon and Spa in Carmichael. Love! These babies should stay nice for several weeks.

8. A big splurge:

So T phones at 6:30 a.m. last Friday to inform me that our neighbors are having the mother of all yard sales. Shopping? At 6:30 a.m.? Gross. But the dog did need to be walked so I moseyed on over around 7 and found this beauty. An antique trunk circa who knows when (paging Antiques Roadshow!). Sigh.

9. Something I want to try:

Came across this 30-day challenge online and I decided it’s time to dust off my dreadful drawing skills and practice. I’ll keep you posted on that endeavor. Just promise not to laugh (too hard), okay?

10. Flying to nowhere:

The last several weeks have been punctuated by research trips to airports up and down the West Coast. T calls them my “flying to nowhere” trips as I take a plane ride to an airport, hang out all day, and then fly home in the evening. It’s been… interesting. I had the worst pat-down of my life but have also met some really intriguing people. Speaking of, if you’ve flown recently, or have experience working in airport security, I’d love to interview you for my dissertation! Email bluestmuse(at)gmail(dot)com.

11. Accomplishments:

Not only did I try my hand at landscaping (see here for the before and after), but said plants are STILL ALIVE. Fingers crossed they survive Sacramento’s recent heat wave.

12. A trip down memory lane:

Can you spot the item that doesn’t belong next to the organic baby spinach, organic whole grain bread and kombucha tea? Yeah, that’d be my box of Lucky Charms. The box I bought (on an endcap sale, of course) and ate all by myself in three days. And you know what? It tastes just as good as I remember.

13. A milestone:

Yeah, it’s here. My new decade. On June 23, I will embrace the big 3-0 by kayaking in Alaska and maybe, just maybe, playing shuffleboard with some actually old people. Post vacation, I’ll tally up the 30-before-30 score.


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