The Daily Pixel: A week of “Fall”

This morning I submitted my first academic job application. (Ah!) I add the notation “academic” because my historical experience applying for jobs has involved relatively short forms to fill out, polished resumes, references. Effort, surely, but not a huge amount. The academic job thing? A whole ‘nother story. Today’s package included: a two-page, carefully crafted letter of introduction, a two-page, carefully crafted statement of research, CV, transcripts, research paper samples and 61-page teaching portfolio (made lengthy by the inclusion of all course evaluation printouts). Plus, letters of recommendation are being sent in separately. Quite a pile-o-paperwork, my friends!

To distract myself from the stress of compiling applications (and then sitting on pins and needles waiting), I’ve been taking lots of pretty pictures, per usual…

#264- Sep 20- Before the attack

Caught this itty bitty critter hanging out on the cacti. Her cousin tried to eat me a couple days later.

#265- Sep 21- Does coffee taste better from a TARDIS?

#266- Sep 22- Birthday fun

Stan modeling goofy glasses at our friend Nick’s birthday party.

#267- Sep 23- iPhone 5 day!

Yes, thanks to Mr. T’s quick ordering skills, we are now iPhone 5 users. It’s quite a departure from Android territory, but I’m getting used to it!

#268- Sep 24- A little Fall flavor

In my continued campaign for it to actually be Fall, I made a divine batch of wild mushroom soup. It’s still forecasted to be nearly 100 degrees in Sacramento this week. Arrrggghhhh.

#269- Sep 25- My first successful pot roast

After a couple disaster attempts, I finally got this recipe right. I cooked it for an additional two hours though. Next time, I’ll add more spice and include mushrooms during the cooking (instead of sauteing afterwards).

#270- Sep 26- Pretty pansies

One week out and still alive, despite the heat.

#271- Sep 27- Hair for Autumn

Thank you, Marm, for the lovely color job. And thank you, new iPhone 5 app, for the flattering filter for my self-portrait.

#272- Sep 28- Flying the friendly skies

Sunrise over the Sierras.

#273- Sep 29- Because Mr. T won’t let me have a real one

Itty bitty hedgehogs. I die.


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