The Daily Pixel: Celebrations!

A cool breeze through my office window. Birds cheeping in the trees. Hot coffee. A happy dog. These are a few of today’s little celebrations. Last week? It was just about bursting with bigger ones. A birthday, a wedding, the Day-O-Moms… Small and large, I appreciate any chance for festivities. See what I mean…

#130- May 9- The worst cupcakes, ever.

To cap off a glorious birthday celebration for my friend Elaine–I’m talking lunch and pedicures here, people–we picked up three perfect (looking) cupcakes. (Well, four if you count the one we bought for her hubby.) Chocolate ganash topped with a truffle, dulce de leche with caramel frosting, and classic red velvet. Beautiful. But horrible. After divvying up the treats, we found that the only really edible one was the dulce de leche… the other two seemed like they’d been baked the week prior and from my vantage, were not worth the calories. (Upon further consideration, we decided the hockey-puck-style cupcakes were probably not old, but vastly overcooked.) This may be the first time I’ve ever left a cupcake (or three) unfinished. Sad day my friends.

#131- May 10- Tomato, the first!

Let the fruiting begin! The Early Girl lived up to her name by producing the first tomato in my garden. And yes, I squealed. Out loud.

#132- May 11- Stunning Scottsdale vista

Last week I found myself back in Cactus Land but this time to celebrate a wedding, not for school. This photo is at my friend Max’s parents’ home in Scottsdale. You know how I adore the cacti!

#133- May 12- Congratulations Geeta and Max!!

When you look up “Radiant” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of my friend, Geeta. This is G and Max-amillion just after their wedding ceremony. After tissue-worthy vows, I’m happy to report we all danced the night away.

#134- May 13- Never a dull moment people-watching in the airport

I flew home on Sunday morning to celebrate Mother’s Day, and I got a look at this character. I can’t tell if the animal tail or old fashioned phone distinguish him most. (For the record, I’m not sure if that handset was hooked up to anything or if he was carrying on a conversation all by his lonesome.)


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