Who forgets their blog birthday??!

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Earlier this week I was scrolling through old posts looking for a recipe. When I came across this post, I just about fell out of my chair. I forgot my own blog birthday?? I, who celebrates every possible milestone in the world (including monthaversaries)… How on earth? Who does that?

I blame the Big D. That’s dissertation, of course. Officially I am taking liberty to blame the book-in-progress for many things including missing fun social events (grrr), running up a ginormous tab at Starbucks, and lately, the TMJ flare-up that has me sucking down Advil like it’s going out of style (waaa!). So why not blame the big book for forgetting to mark The Blue Muse turning three?
In three years (and change), I’ve racked up 76 fabulous followers, 526 posts, 1011 comments (millions of spam notes not included), and, if Blogger stats can be believed, 177,877 total pageviews. Once again, my first Southwest 812 post tops the most popular list, followed by a very interesting post about the most overused word in the world, and a reflection on my first attempt at Bikram yoga.
In short, I’ve written a lot. And what’s more, my dear readers have read a lot. And I want to say thanks a lot! I appreciate every person who pops by this corner of the internets, even if for just a few minutes. I love the comments and questions, the occasional emails and tweets (keep ’em coming!). Thanks for being a great audience for the past three years. Looking forward to a few more.

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