Greetings from Dissertation land!

Some days, dissertation writing is exciting/productive.
Other days, it looks like this!

“Onnneeeee, twoooooo…”

“Rock!” “Rock!”

“Onnneeeee, twooooo…”

“Paper!” “Paper!”

“Onnneeeee, twoooooo…”

“Rock!” “Rock!”

“Onnneeeee, twoooooo…”

“Rock!” “Scissors!”



In case you wonder, that was Mr. T and me figuring out dinner. Yes, a roshambo challenge over the phone. Surprisingly, it worked pretty well. Except that I lost. But that’s okay because I didn’t remember whether I was fish or beef anyway.

I’d initially called T to exclaim in triumph that I’d just submitted another dissertation chapter to my fabulous advisor (Wooohoooo!). Somehow we got to talking about dinner. I’ve been avoiding most time sucks lately (ahem, social media) and unfortunately that also includes my beloved kitchen. Consequently, we’ve been eating leftovers and too much takeout. But tonight? Draft Conclusion Celebration Tacos!

For those keeping score- I’m 11 days to D-day (that’s dissertation due date, by the way), and my advisor and I have been busy trading chapters. Although I’ve been dragging myself from sleep at 5:30 a.m. in order to get more writing in lately, I can’t help but feel awed and excited about how the book is coming together. Despite the fact that re-re-re-revising takes a lot of time, it’s SO worth watching the ideas take shape in smart and eloquent ways (if I do say so myself).

Now? Back to work!


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