The Daily Pixel- Holiday happenings

Hope you had a marvelous Christmas! It’s been all things cooking, feasting, wrapping and unwrapping around these parts. And eating copious amounts of sweets, of course. I did manage to capture a few snaps though…

#357- Dec 22- A dog and his hedgehog

Goliath’s “I’m done playing catch now” pose.

#358- Dec 23- Oopsies.

#359- Dec 24- Best Christmas gift ever

My sis sent us an array of hilarious gifts this year including a giant bacon candy cane, candy-pooping Santa, and a mini leg lamp a la “A Christmas Story.” I do believe my expletive band aids take the cake.

#360- Dec 25- Christmas brunch!

The fam gathered for my Christmas waffles and T’s potatoes, eggs and berry compote. Oh and presents and Christmas cheer, of course.

#361- Dec 26- Back to work

A break from celebrating and feasting meant going back to the grindstone.

#362- Dec 27- Full manual with a macro lens

Spoiled rotten by Santa Tim and inspired by my new macro lens, I’ve been in full photography mode lately re-learning about shutter speed and aperture settings. It’s only been a decade since my last photography class.


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