The erstwhile Christmas tree, all decked out for Valentine’s

It was a preemptive strike, my dressing the still-up Christmas tree in paper hearts of various sizes and shades. You leave the tree up for more than a year ONE TIME and all of a sudden people act like it will become a habit.

With my dear friend and biggest teaser Shannon coming for a visit, I knew I had to do something to head off the comments about my Christmas decorations still being present (although not up!) in um, mid-February. What I needed was a good distraction.

So I present: The Valentine’s Tree.

Never you mind the Christmas ornaments I couldn’t reach at the very top.

Shannon’s comment? “I can’t wait to see what it looks like on Flag Day.”

Ha. Ha. I’m hell bent to get it down and in back in the garage before Easter. (Although wouldn’t paper eggs and bunnies look just fetching? (Mr. T, I’m KIDDING! (Mostly.))).

Okay, so I’ve been a little busy finishing the dissertation. At least Christmas is contained to a single room in the house. And I really *do* plan to get it put away unlike 2009 when I started my doctoral program (and was planning a wedding) and the tree stayed right there for two Christmases in a row.

Oh yeah, Happy Valentine’s/Stupid Love Day/Singles Awareness Day!


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