Romance, burgers and bikes: How I love an early birthday surprise

“I want a cheeseburger!”

I made the declaration last week, at approximately 11 p.m. while draped on Mr. T’s shoulder watching So You Think You Can Dance?

The incredible part? T actually offered–sincerely, mind you–to run out and get me one. When I asked why (on earth!) he’d consider it being that he’s normally my voice of reason, he replied, “It’s my job. And besides, when have you ever asked for a cheeseburger at 11 p.m.? You might really need one.”

Have I mentioned how much I love this guy?

Even more shocking was a few days later when T admitted that he wanted to give me an early birthday present. This coming from the dude who normally likes to torment a girl with suspense. (Truly, read “Surviving the early birthday surprise” and “Patience is a virtue and Diana Krall is worth the wait!” if you need proof.)

Of course, he couldn’t just give it to me. No. Too easy. Instead he dropped unhelpful clues about having to pick the mystery gift up from somewhere nearby, how the place “might close” before we got there, and how I wouldn’t be able to have the gift for awhile because he had to work on it still. And he did plenty of “Well, maybe we should just wait” talking to which I offered Shawna-logic which really boiled down to (mostly) cute pouting and lots of “But you said!”

After a couple days of teasing me and a couple hours of dragging his feet to test my patience, we headed off to pick up the mystery gift with a pit stop at T’s office on the way. Color me surprised when I realized the man was hiding a beach cruiser behind his desk!

T hid the new-to-me beach cruiser at his office for a few days. Somehow, we maneuvered it into his 4-door sedan with me remarking “I need a basket” to which T replied by opening the trunk. There was some squealing, of course. T’s inspiration? This (dorky) video of our honeymoon bike ride on Mackinac Island.

After unloading my beautiful yellow and teal Trek cruiser, we finally did get me that cheeseburger. While munching away, I basked in the glory of a low-key Sunday afternoon date with a most thoughtful husband.

Thank you T!


And a few more photos, of course:

Standard “Okay, stop taking my picture now” expression.
T polished the Trek beach cruiser to a like-new shine.
Goliath hung out while we polished although he was not very helpful.
T is an excellent gift giver. We went for a spin together before dinner. Sigh.
BASKET! I also need a bell, of course. I will stop short of streamers. Maybe.
And my little dog, too. (No Goliaths were harmed in the making of this photo although he tried to hop out while I made to roll down the driveway)


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