Flying turkeys!

I know I’ve been home alone too long when I start to talk to the dog. It’s one of the perils of telecommuting–forgetting social conventions, acting like that white fluff ball actually understands English.

But yesterday, it was turkeys.

Backyard turkeys.

When Goliath started barking his brains out in our bedroom, I figured some manner of woodland creature was taunting him from the backyard. Turns out, it was about 50 wild turkeys.

It’s not uncommon to hear turkeys on the roof.

Turkeys who I promptly ran after, hollering to get out of my yard and AWAY from my garden.

Turkey escape. They must have sensed a good cook nearby.

Consequently, I instigated a turkey flying contest.

The toms used less elegant form.

One by one, they jumped off the roof of our neighbor’s shed and out of nearby oak trees.

One-legged landing

Meanwhile, I stood by taking pictures.

Laughing out loud.

Pretty elegant for a turkey.

And I admit, scoring the landings.

Pictured: About a third of the flock.

And then I realized, I wasn’t alone.

I’m glad our turkeys are peaceable. The flock at T’s work gets aggressive. Like chasing people and cars aggressive!

Yep, I startled a neighbor who looked up from her raking quizzically, staring, head slightly cocked.


Now at this point, you might think I quieted down.


Flying turkey.

But no. I owned my crazy and continued to laugh, photograph and comment on the turkey flights.


One of these ones flies not like the other ones!

All this is to say: Happy Thanksgiving!


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