Project Green Thumbs: Winter garden report

“Bush” snow peas.

I watched the fluffy bastard kick over a small blue pot and proceed to nibble the roots of the now-naked butterfly bush.

Like any sane person, I ran outside to screech at the offending squirrel and rescue the innocent plant. Yes, screech. And maybe chase a little.

I tell you, I take this gardening thing seriously.

A few months into the winter gardening season, I’ve just pulled off the last of the tomatoes, dried mountains of basil and am enjoying the climbing pea shoots. Peas aside, my little sprouts seem to be on the slow growth plan, but so far–knock on wood–they haven’t been attacked too badly by squirrels, birds or bugs.

The weather man is predicting a cold snap next week, so I’m hoping the growth continues. We shall see.

In the mean time, I’m praying for rain. Until then, some snaps:

Morning dew on the cauliflower.
Winter gardening. I don’t have to weed, I have to rake! Pictured: Itty bitty beets among the oak leaves.
Bush snow peas are taking over. Dig those dead tomatoes in the background. Errr…
Blue curly kale. Curly blue kale? Something like that.
Purple cauliflower.
Grow beets, GROW.
Pea monster.
Peas forthcoming. I’m hoping my sweet pea flowers start taking off soon.
A little lettuce.


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