A grateful heart: Appreciating artistry and craftsmanship

Since we started our Back 40 Revamp (aka putting in backyard landscaping in place of weeds and brush), I’ve delighted in seeing pathways emerge, patios take shape, trees settle in. A surprising element of joy? Observing others working on their craft and getting to do what they’re passionate about.

Our landscaper, Gene, is a mostly retired fellow who told us that he really only takes on projects “for fun” now (don’t misunderstand, we are paying the guy). I’m tickled to see how pleased he is by his vision coming to life at our home. I’m in awe of his ability to visualize a space, draw ideas on paper and then make them materialize with dirt and rocks and plants.

And I’ve loved meeting Gene’s employee, Antonio. Here for just this last week, Antonio is a masonry specialist, an artist with stone and concrete. I appreciate so much his attention to detail and skill with his craft. It’s been really neat to watch him work these past few days.

Have you ever witnessed a genius at work?


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