A grateful heart: Coffee-n-walks

Shawna and Jen
Something I love about work: We can walk two minutes out of our building and be in nature.

We set out in a new direction every week. Winding around campus. Meandering through quaint downtown streets. Attempting, for a minute anyway, to ford Big Chico Creek. We’ve discovered new shops and businesses, and feel ecstatic every time we find our way back to campus successfully. All the while, we discuss our new jobs and life, and the things in between.

Today, as we strolled through a sliver of Lower Bidwell Park, gawking at the fading sunlight illuminating fall-kissed leaves, I thought about how utterly grateful I am for a new friend and great colleague in one.

We started work at Chico State a few months ago, bonding during new faculty orientation and realizing that our department’s “double hire” was something of a campus coup.  In our now-weekly coffee-n-walks, I marvel at our luck.


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